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Techsuraj  word are originated from two word “Tech” or “Suraj” techno mean Technology  of the program or tips and Suraj word is origin from me. Techsuraj is also a Youtuber, Techsuraj cross 36k Subscriber in months and alot of new visitor also connect to the channel and every day new Trick of Hacking of program published every day. Day by day channel and my blog gave me a lots off support of rise up

Techsuraj is comes to the all Social media connective because alot off people is connected in around the world and Techsuraj believe in social Media Traffic because a lots of Visit in Social Media network are interested in trick and tip. Techsuraj is come to blog because Youtube is support me alots and also motivate me to gave alots of trick and tip and by the help of my visitor. Program and Android developer more interest in game and the Android developer is Techsuraj gave a lots trick and tip and Hacking game for enjoy in my blog.

In case of the Gaming everyone keep their own interest, someone else play game, some game play but the gaming world is so big.

Today the technology has won over the game world by linking it to us social media and the to technology. we  were sitting at gome planing game with friend people have increased the gaming today.In todays times we are so confident thet when we come online, online game will only play.

For any quarry and contact me: techsuraj19@gmail.com

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