Samsung has unveiled its new SmartWatch, a device that can capture video and photos with a special camera on the wrist.

The SmartWatch 3 uses the camera to create 360-degree video and still images, but it also has a built-in camera that can record video up to 4K video.

The new smartwatch, which goes on sale later this month, is equipped with a 10MP camera that is capable of shooting up to 720p.

The device is designed to be able to record high-quality video for social networking, but Samsung said that it is also capable of capturing video for sports events and sports.

The company is also touting the new Smartwatch as being “better for your body,” but Samsung says it is “not a fitness tracker,” and that it “doesn’t provide any tracking data.”

The company says the camera is designed specifically to capture video that captures “smooth and fast motion” as opposed to moving in an “unconventional” way, and it is capable “of capturing images of objects in real time and at a consistent resolution,” with a resolution of 1080p.

The device will also have a built in camera that has the ability to capture images that can “show you details and emotions in an easy and intuitive way,” the company said.

It is also compatible with Samsung Pay, allowing for payments to be made with Samsung Watch.

The SmartWatch is also equipped with NFC technology, which allows for the user to transfer money from one device to another.

Samsung says the company has developed an NFC chip that is “smart enough to recognize the exact payment method,” and can transfer funds between different devices.

Samsung says the SmartWatch will come in two colors, white and silver, and the company is offering a $99 upgrade for those with a Samsung Gear 360.

The company also said that its “smartwatch will be available in two different sizes, 5 and 10, and will also be available with additional watchbands in black and silver.”

The new SmartWatches are the first to use a camera that actually takes video, but they are not the first smartwatch to use one.

Last year, the company announced a $300 smartwatch that featured a camera in the form of a small, flexible screen, which was used for notifications, but the company’s SmartWatch 2 failed to hit the market.

Samsung said that the new smartwatches will be the first consumer devices to be released in South Korea, but a Samsung spokesperson told Reuters that the company was not yet ready to make a formal announcement.

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