Tech is becoming more efficient and accessible to everyone, which means people are increasingly using technology to help them with their daily lives.

But the pace of adoption has slowed as technology companies focus more on profit margins.

Here’s what to expect next year.1.

Google’s Pixel: Google is now the world’s biggest online retailer, with over 20 million users in its retail network.

Google is also the biggest seller of tablets and smartphones.

It’s a major competitor to Amazon and Apple.2.

Amazon: Amazon is now home to over $400 billion in global online sales, including more than 100 million Kindle e-readers and nearly 700 million iPads.3.

Microsoft: Microsoft is the world leader in the business of digital products.

Its Surface line of laptops and tablets has become so popular that it’s become one of the biggest online retailers in the world.4.

Apple: Apple has been on a tear since the iPhone launched in 2010.

The company’s iPhone 7, the company’s first-ever iPhone, is the best-selling smartphone ever.5.

Amazon Prime: Amazon has a special deal with Prime members that lets them get $100 off the cost of one new purchase a month.

That means the Amazon Prime membership gets you an iPad Air 2, an Apple Watch Series 2, and other goodies.6.

Microsoft Surface: Microsoft Surface is a laptop with an integrated touchscreen, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking to get away from their phone.7.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung has released the Galaxy S9, which it says has the best hardware of any smartphone to date.8.

Apple Watch: Apple’s latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Sport, is out today, and it is one of Apple’s best-reviewed devices yet.9.

HTC One M8: HTC is also launching a new phone, the One M9, and HTC is offering up a free upgrade for people who buy a phone that supports the OneM9’s fingerprint scanner.10.

Apple Pencil: Apple is introducing a new stylus, the new Pencil.

It works with apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Illustress, and Corel Sketch.11.

Apple EarPods: Apple will be selling two new EarPod earbuds this fall.

The first will be a $50 discount to those who preorder it on the Apple store, and the second will be $70 off at Apple retail stores.12.

Amazon Echo: Amazon’s Echo is a new device that lets you hear things like the weather and the time of day through a speaker in your home.

It will be available in September.13.

Google Home: Google has introduced a new version of the Echo, the Google Home Mini, which is available for $50 less than the original version.14.

Microsoft Band: Microsoft will be releasing a new Band that will come with a $150 price discount on purchases over $99.99.15.

Samsung Gear VR: Samsung is launching its latest headset, the Gear VR, on September 2, a month ahead of the launch of Google Glass.16.

Apple TV: Apple TV is getting a big upgrade with the launch this fall of a new set-top box.

The new Apple TV 4K, which will be launched in September, has more advanced processing, including Dolby Atmos surround sound.17.

Microsoft Edge: Microsoft has been making a lot of noise lately about how it is the first major software developer to offer a universal browser for developers.

It has also said it’s working on a universal app store for developers and will release an update later this year.18.

Amazon Fire Phone: Amazon announced today that it will be launching its own Android-powered smartphone.

It is called the Fire Phone and it’s available for pre-order in the United States starting on September 30.19.

Microsoft HoloLens: Microsoft announced today it is working with Google on a new VR headset, HoloLens.

It includes sensors, cameras, and a holographic display that makes the headset look like a real physical object.20.

HTC Sense: HTC announced today the introduction of a smartphone app that will allow people to use their phones to read, listen to music, and take pictures.21.

Apple Music: Apple Music is getting more advanced in its integration with the Apple Music app and will be expanding into more areas over time.22.

Samsung Pay: Samsung announced today a new app for people to buy and download products with Samsung Pay.23.

Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft launched Office 365 for Office 365 Business subscribers on September 29.24.

Apple Pay: Apple Pay is getting its first big expansion in September with the introduction on September 25 of its new Apple Pay app.25.

Microsoft Outlook: Microsoft said today it will launch a new Outlook app.26.

Microsoft Xbox One S: Microsoft confirmed today that the company will launch the Xbox One X and Xbox One E at launch this year, and will roll out the Xbox Play Anywhere game library for the

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