New York City’s annual tech trade show, NY Tech Expo, has been getting a lot of press recently.

In a recent post on Medium, NYC Tech Expo founder and CEO Michael S. DeAngelis laid out a set of tips for attendees who want to avoid the tech hype that has become so pervasive in the tech community.

These tips aren’t necessarily for everyone, but they’re good for everyone who wants to get in on the tech frenzy.

Deangelis says attendees should have the right background knowledge, be ready for the challenges of the trade show and be aware of the tech trends that will be on display.

The advice from DeAngelides is to “be mindful of your surroundings and not make it about the technology.

It’s a trade show for people who want more information than you, and you can’t have it all.”

He also advises attendees to have the “right mindset,” which he defines as being “a person who’s invested in a technology that you’re interested in.”

DeAngelises advice also includes avoiding the hype that can get “rid of you.”

He encourages attendees to “have fun and be patient” and instead focus on the challenges that the trade shows will face.

“It’s a very big trade show,” he says, “and you want to make sure you get the most out of it.”

TechCon, NYTechExpo and other trade shows also tend to have tech-focused panels that showcase the latest and greatest in the technology industry.

But DeAngelies advice to attendees on staying focused is to not focus on what’s new, or the tech’s latest features, or even the technology’s past successes.

He says that instead, focus on why this technology is exciting, and why people are excited about it.

This way, attendees can understand why this tech has become the way that it is, and what the future holds for this technology.

The tech world has been going through a bit of a tech renaissance, and that means a lot more to tech companies and startups than just the technology that is currently being used.

So DeAngelias advice to stay focused on the “big picture” is to have a clear idea of what the tech industry is about.

“If you think of it as an industry, then you’re going to have more of an understanding of the big picture,” he said.

“What are the trends that are happening in this industry?

What are the challenges we’re facing?”

If you’re in the Bay Area, DeAngelisa says that you should be able to catch a show on a big screen, watch tech videos, and catch up on news and trends.

He also recommends that you do some reading, so you can understand the technology you’re seeing.

If you are in New York, Deangelises advice to avoid tech hype is to focus on how technology is used, rather than what is new.

TechExpo has seen a boom in the past few years.

Since 2010, the trade-show has had over 200,000 attendees from over 100 countries.

De Angelis says that this industry has seen “a massive surge in demand” over the past couple of years.

The demand for technology has been so great that he says that NY TechExpos is experiencing “an unprecedented growth,” and that the event is on track to surpass its original attendance levels for the first time in more than 20 years.

So, if you’re coming to the trade expo this year, it’s definitely worth a visit.

You’ll get to see the tech that is coming, the tech innovations that are going on, and the companies that are working on the hottest new tech products.

You may even be able grab a chance to meet some of the company founders.

The trade show will also host live Q&A sessions with some of New York’s top tech leaders.

But if you plan to stay up late and listen to the tech speakers, De Angelises advice on staying in the “mainstream” of the technology trade show is to make it a day of “conversation and sharing.”

“We want to get to know the people who are the big tech influencers in the industry,” he explained.

“That’s really what the trade is all about, and we want to share that with as many people as possible.”

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