Posted by TechRadar on August 16, 2018 06:47:13A new electric car that will be the centerpiece of Tesla’s next wave of sales is expected to be unveiled this week.

A source with knowledge of the company’s plans told the Australian Financial Review that the new model, expected to debut at the end of this year, will be called the Model 3 and will cost $35,000.

The source said Tesla’s design team has been working with the company for some time to bring the new vehicle to market.

While the new car is not yet under design, the source said the new design team is keen to deliver a vehicle that meets all of the requirements for a mass market car, such as an all-electric range, battery range, weight and size.

“Tesla has been pushing this since last summer when the Model S debuted and is pushing it today,” the source told the Financial Review.

“The Model 3 will not be an all electric car, but it will be a range-extender with an all electrically-electric drivetrain, so it will have a lot of different characteristics.”

While the source wouldn’t comment on the name of the car, the car’s design will be revealed at the Tesla Design Summit, which is set to take place on Thursday.

A Tesla Model 3, which will be unveiled on September 18, 2017 in Fremont, California, is shown at the company headquarters in Mountain View, California September 16, 2017.

A model of Tesla Model S electric car.

Photo: ReutersA new design of the Model3 is expected on September 16.

The car will be based on the Model X SUV that Tesla sold in 2019.

The company said at the time it would be releasing a range of electric vehicles that were all-wheel drive.

In order to meet the new requirements for mass market vehicles, Tesla has developed a new chassis design and a new battery design.

The company also unveiled a new generation of the Tesla Model X sedan in November, which was designed with more efficiency in mind.

The vehicle is designed to be as fuel efficient as possible, while offering higher performance than its predecessor.

It is hoped that Tesla will release a range that will match the range of its previous cars.

The Model X, which Tesla is set for launch in 2019, is the first fully electric vehicle that is available for sale in the US.

Tesla has also been working to improve its battery production in order to offer a range and weight that rival BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and this is expected by the end (or early) next year.

Tesla will also unveil a new, high-end version of its Model S sedan in 2019 that will have electric and all-weather seating and will be available in all states.

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