— As technology advances, it seems like every day it seems a new house is coming online.

But a new wave of housing is starting to take off here in the U.S. that could change the landscape of the home for generations to come.

And in Australia, home to the world’s largest population of tech workers, there’s one place you can actually get an idea of what’s in store.

There’s a new breed of house built in Australia called a “home.”

In a country with a population of only about 3 million, it could be an opportunity for Australian families to build the kind of place they dream of.

The home is being built in the Silicon Valley, a city with a massive population of about 30 million.

As tech workers flock to San Francisco and Silicon Valley in search of a new life, they’re looking for housing that’s not just affordable, but well-designed.

“I would be a very happy camper if I could have a house like that, because it would have a garage, it would be in a nice area,” said Mark Boulton, a software engineer.

But he knows he’ll have to find the right house first.

If he can’t afford to buy a house, then he’ll be stuck in a home that’s either too expensive or not good enough.

For Boulwood, it will be the home of his future, and it’s something that his wife, Karen, will have to decide on.

“We really want to do it right, because we’ve worked so hard to make this happen,” she said.

Boulton and his wife will be buying a house in the city’s new district, and the two plan to move in soon.

With the tech industry booming in the Bay Area, Boulwoods new house will be their first home outside the city of San Francisco.

“It’s the kind where it’s a bit of a luxury but it’s definitely not a luxury you’re going to have to make it a lifestyle,” Karen said.

Boulwood said he’s looking forward to finding out if he’ll ever be able to live in a city where he can enjoy his home.

“I’m really excited,” he said.

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