By: David Lobo – June 23, 2017This article originally appeared on The Lad bible.

It’s been a year since Facebook announced its plans to create an artificial intelligence system to automatically analyze and report on news stories, which would help advertisers and news publishers compete more effectively with the social network.

Now the company is finally ready to give the news platform a real-time update about the news stories it’s reading.

The company is introducing an update to its News Feed in an effort to make sure it doesn’t miss out on the biggest stories.

“It’s important to us that we get as much of the content that’s relevant to our users as possible,” said Matt Brittain, vice president of product at Facebook.

“We’re starting with a new feed for News Feed, and it’s a lot more like a newsstand.

It’s more like an Amazon, where the product is out there and we can see what’s going on.”

Brittain also explained how the new feed is being rolled out and how the company hopes to be able to deliver more relevant content to users.

The update, called News Feed Update, will allow the social media platform to automatically report news stories to its users in real-times and updates, and to track them across a variety of devices.

News Feed updates are now live on Facebook, the company said, but will be rolled out to other services over time.

“News Feed updates will be live on a lot of different platforms, including mobile, web, desktop and even connected TVs,” Brittain said.

“That means you’ll be able start seeing it in your News Feed right away.

That means you won’t miss the latest breaking news, and you won.

That’s the beauty of the News Feed.”

The News Feed update will also help Facebook better understand how the content people are consuming affects its users.

For example, Facebook said the News Engine, which was created to help it understand what the public is talking about and what it’s saying on social media, is now integrated into the Newsfeed.

“We’re going to use it to tell us how people are interacting with our News Feed content and understand what they’re doing on our site,” Brittains said.

“And it will be able also to help us understand what people are saying about our content.”

Brillains also said Facebook will be looking to build out the News Platform in other ways.

The social media giant is planning to create more news apps in the future.

Facebook said it’s working with third-party developers to bring these apps to users, as well as to build a News Feed app that users can access from their mobile devices.

The company also announced a partnership with Google to help with News Feed integration on Android phones.

Brittain also said that Facebook plans to expand the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the experience of News Feed users.

“When people use Facebook, it is their first experience with our platform and we’re trying to get it right every day,” Brittanes said.

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