Tech stocks, in the grand scheme of things, aren’t really much to look at.

They’re not the biggest players in the market, they’re not really the most well-known companies, and their valuation can fluctuate wildly.

But if you have the money and the time, they can offer some compelling opportunities.

Investing in tech stocks is a very good idea, especially if you’re looking to make some extra money.

The stock market is not a good way to learn about technology.

So what should you look for in a tech stock?

Here’s a list of the top five tech stocks that should make a good investment.


Facebook Facebook has been one of the most popular social media sites on the internet for decades, but its recent stock price boom has made it a great place to invest in the stock market.

The social network is worth about $US30 billion.

That’s a lot of money, but it’s also one of those stocks that is going to go up as the stock price rises.

Facebook shares have increased a lot since the start of 2017.

This year, the stock has gone up about 60 per cent.

It’s still relatively cheap compared to its peers, but you can expect to get a big bump from the stock’s price appreciation over the next year or so.

You can expect the company to continue to grow and get more popular as the tech industry develops.

Facebook has grown its user base, and it is now a $US300 billion company.

It has a massive amount of money to invest.

So if you want to invest your money in the tech space, you should do your homework.

Facebook stock price rose more than 40 per cent in 2016.

But it has fallen off a bit over the last few years.

The company has seen a lot in the past few months, and if you are a Facebook user and you want a decent return on your money, you will be rewarded with a big jump in the value of your investment.


Apple Apple has been the most talked-about tech company for years, and its stock price has soared dramatically in the last decade.

Apple’s stock is worth over $US1 trillion, which is roughly half of Facebook’s value.

That makes it the most valuable tech company in the world.

Apple has become the most used of the tech companies in the United States, and Apple’s valuation is soaring.

It was recently valued at about $500 billion.

Apple stock is up nearly 40 per, and you can also expect to see a big boost from the company’s valuation.

Apple is also a good place to look if you do a lot on your iPhone, as its latest iPhone 8 is going for over $900.

It is a smart, premium smartphone, but the iPhone 8 Plus is going more expensive than expected.


Google Google is another well-loved tech company, and that has led to a huge amount of growth in its stock prices.

Google has grown over the past 10 years to $US2.5 trillion.

But the company has also seen a steep fall in value in recent years.

Google stock is currently worth about a quarter of Facebook stock.

Google’s stock has fallen by about 30 per cent since the beginning of 2017, but Google’s valuation should continue to rise.

Google will be making some big announcements in the coming months, including the launch of its Android phones.

Google is also expected to release a new smartphone with an all-new design.


Microsoft Microsoft has always had a big reputation for being a tech company with lots of cash, and a lot to invest and build.

It also has been a very profitable company over the years.

But lately, Microsoft has been losing money.

Microsoft’s stock price dropped nearly 40 to 40 per share, and the company is now worth just under $US700 billion.

It could be the case that Microsoft is facing a big challenge from the likes of Apple, and even Google.


Amazon Amazon has always been a big tech company that is also very profitable.

It made a lot more money than Google, but now it is losing money too.

Amazon stock price fell more than 30 per, with the stock down nearly 50 per cent from the beginning to the end of 2017 and now sits at around $US500 billion, a little over half of Google’s value at the time.

Amazon has been looking to raise its stock market valuation in recent months, so it may be a good time to invest a bit in the company.

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