Tech workers have been making big bucks for years, but now they’re making big paychecks too.

The most popular jobs in the gig-economy include computer programmer, accountants and lawyers.

Here’s a look at how those jobs compare to traditional jobs and the pay for these types of workers.


Computer programmer: $77,000 per year or $70,000 for a typical year 3.

Accountants: $60,000 or $50,000 depending on their specialty 4.

Lawyers: $50-60, and $50-$60 for a full-time lawyer 5.

Doctors: $45,000 6.

Accountant: $40,000 7.

Doctors and technicians: $30,000 8.

Medical technicians: 10% or less 9.

Retail salespeople: 20% 10.

Sales and marketing managers: 20-25%The bottom line is that the gig industry isn’t just about pay, it’s also about the skills required to get those paychecks.

According to, “gig economy workers earn significantly more than traditional workers and earn higher pay for each hour of work.”

The paychecks for the gig workers are worth about the same, according to Paywall, and even though the pay gap is shrinking, it remains big.

And it may even be larger for those who are the best at their jobs.

The gap between the average worker and the top earners is larger for people in their mid-20s than for people over 60.

The median pay for a gig worker is $55,000, compared with $55k for a regular full-timer.

That’s because the pay is lower, in part, because the tech industry has grown so much.

It’s a sector that has traditionally been dominated by white men, like Facebook and Google.

But the number of women working in tech has exploded in recent years, and that’s a factor in the pay disparity, said Andrew McAfee, co-founder and chief economist at PayScale, a salary comparison website.

It also could be due to the fact that tech companies are increasingly offering benefits like 401(k) plans, which allow employees to defer their pay.

The companies also offer lower-than-average benefits and often don’t offer paid vacations.

But many tech companies still offer paid time off.

The median wage for a part-time employee is $22.50 per hour, according, PayScale’s figures.

And if you add in the $5.60 per hour that the average tech worker is expected to earn at his or her full-timers job, the gap shrinks.

That makes it hard to make the leap from a part time job to full time.

And for some, the transition can be daunting.

Many workers in tech are already working part- time jobs for money, like some online shoppers who spend their hours watching TV, McAfee said.

“They don’t have the financial cushion to put off a job search or take time off to plan their retirement.”

There are some companies that offer paid vacation, but only for a limited time, McBayesaid.

“Some companies do offer paid leave, but they’re only for three months, and they’re not paid for it.

It could be months or a year, so it’s not a guarantee.”

And some companies offer flexible scheduling for workers who want to work from home, but for most, the pay isn’t high enough to justify it.

That said, PayHub, a job site, has found that some tech workers are making more than $50K per year, and some are earning more than that.

Some have been able to keep their jobs, but others have seen their pay drop.

“It’s been tough for a lot of folks, but there are people who have made it,” McAfee told The Huffington Post.

“And there are a lot more out there than the people we see on the show.”2.

Computer programmers: $74,000 3.

Computer Programmer: $70-80K per month for a single year or about $80K for a couple of years 4.

Accountancy: $55-60K per employee depending on the specialty 5.

Lawyers, accountancy and law firms: $75,000 For the full-stack software engineer, the typical salary is $78,000.

For a software developer, the average salary is about $71,000 according to

For the CTO of a major software company, the median salary is between $79,000 and $88,000 based on data from and the PayScale site.

It depends on your specialization, but you can make more money as an IT specialist or CTO than as a programmer.

The salary is a lot lower for those with only a bachelor’s degree, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But it’s actually a lot higher for those working in software and engineering.

The average salary for a software engineer is about 70,

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