Cambridge Tech is getting its start in the tech industry.

Now the university has announced a plan to help make that a reality.

The school is investing $10 million in the Cambridge Innovation Centre, which will house an incubator, accelerator and startup incubator.

“Cambridge Tech’s innovation and entrepreneurial culture will help shape the next generation of leaders in the global information, technology and engineering (IT) industries,” said Cambridge Tech president John L. O’Sullivan in a statement.

The incubator will be located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and will serve as a hub for Cambridge tech companies to apply for funding.

The Cambridge Innovation Center will also provide the campus with access to venture capital, as well as access to private capital, Lachlan Markle said.

“We are excited to see Cambridge Tech’s vision to transform the way IT companies think and innovate for the future of the United Kingdom.”

Cambridge Tech has also signed a $100 million technology partnership with Microsoft.

It will partner with the company to build out the next version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and other Microsoft products.

The Microsoft Innovation Lab will support Cambridge Tech through the incubator program, and Lachlana said CambridgeTech will also be the incubators incubator for other Microsoft projects, including a research facility for the Windows and Cortana technologies.

“As a technology hub, Cambridge Tech will have the opportunity to leverage our expertise and network with leading tech companies and industry leaders to further accelerate their innovation and accelerate their success in the UK,” Lachlap said.

Lachlon Markle says Cambridge Tech and Microsoft will work together to create a global leader in cloud computing.

Cambridge Tech also plans to build an open data platform, which is expected to be released later this year.

The open data program will enable Cambridge Tech to access information and data from a wide range of sources including academic and government institutions.

The data will also serve as the foundation for the next generations of applications for technology and services in the cloud, Markle added.

Cambridge Technology has a long history of helping start-ups with technology investments.

In 2011, Cambridge Technology received a $300 million investment from Microsoft and in 2014, it received a £100 million investment in Google.

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