The search giant said on Tuesday that it plans to increase the ratio of 4K to 2:2 for its television ads and will also include a “3:2” ratio for mobile ads.

The company said the change will allow it to run more ads on smaller screens in homes and other spaces where people may not be sitting.

It also said the higher ratio will help to increase revenue.

Google said that the company’s “top-notch display technology” will allow the ads to be viewed on the same screen at different times.

It said that in a recent test, the ads on Google Home, the company\’s smart speaker, were shown in a 3:2 format.

The move follows similar moves by Microsoft and Amazon, which have also recently rolled out higher-resolution ads on their devices.

Amazon recently rolled its ads out in the UK.

Microsoft recently rolled them out in Australia.

Google announced its decision to increase its ad-serving ratios after it launched a trial program last year for advertising on devices with 4K screens.

The company is also offering free ads for devices with a higher resolution.

Google is the only major tech company that does not offer 4K televisions or 4:3 displays.

The others include Samsung, Apple, Facebook, Netflix and the US military.

In its announcement, Google said that its advertising efforts are aimed at helping advertisers create more compelling ads that consumers can see, and to help publishers, publishers and other publishers reach more people.

The changes will begin rolling out across its various channels, including Google Play, YouTube, YouTube Play, Google TV and Google TV Everywhere, Google wrote.

The new ads will be displayed in the top-right corner of a user\’s homescreen and will run at a higher pixel density than those that have already been displayed.

The ads will also run in a more natural color, with fewer whites and less red.

Google added that the ads will only be displayed if the user has turned on a “magic” feature called Google Search Ads.

That feature lets users browse through Google search results for advertising ideas, and displays ads based on keywords.

Google previously began testing ads on the company Home and YouTube devices.

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