Bike advocates hope the future of bikes in America is bright.

As Americans continue to shift to electric cars, more and more people are choosing to walk or ride bikes instead.

But what about the bike that has become synonymous with America’s bicycling boom, the black electric bike?

The black electric, with its bright yellow paint job and black, blue and white stripes, is the mainstay of the city’s urban bike culture.

The black electric is also the most popular electric bike on the streets of New York City, according to a recent study from Urban Land Institute.

It is now the third-most popular bike on streets in the United States, behind only the electric bike and the electric car.

Its popularity in New York has been growing.

Between 2010 and 2015, the number of electric bikes in New Jersey jumped from 7,000 to more than 33,000.

The number of black electric bikes, meanwhile, has remained relatively stable, dropping from 706 in 2010 to just 918 last year.

The city’s black electric has become so popular that a recent petition by a group called Black Bike New York, which includes the city itself, asked Mayor Bill de Blasio to allow it to be legal to sell bikes.

The petition has gained nearly 600,000 signatures and will be debated on the City Council’s next hearing on Wednesday.

“When we talk about black bikes, the people that are buying them are African Americans and African Americans are the majority of the African American community,” said Kristine M. Mowry, the executive director of the organization, in a telephone interview.

“When we look at black bikes we have to talk about white bikes, and we have white bikes.

And when we talk black bikes they have to be electric.”

She said she was shocked when she first heard about the petition.

“I was just really shocked, and I thought, oh my god, I can’t believe it.

I couldn’t believe this would be the top of the list,” she said.

“This was kind of like a shocker.

I think the petition was really just an attempt to educate people about this issue.

We just want to see it happen.

There are a lot of people that think they are going to live in the future and they are never going to be in the past.”

The city has long been pushing for a new citywide ordinance allowing black electric vehicles.

The city’s current ordinance is intended to allow the sale of electric bicycles, but the new legislation would allow black electric cars to be sold.

“We believe that it’s in everyone’s best interest to bring this issue to the forefront,” said Daniel Ostrovsky, the citys chief of staff.

“We have a history of dealing with these issues and we believe that we can make this change and we think that we should have this debate.

We don’t want to have this conversation until it’s done.”

The petition to have the city to allow black bikes in public is a grassroots effort that started in January, Mowy said.

In addition to black cyclists, other groups have been supporting the petition, including a group known as the Black Bike Alliance.

“This is a very important issue that is not going to go away anytime soon,” Mowly said.

“It’s not just about cars and electric cars.

It’s about bike safety, it’s about making the streets safer for everyone,” she added.

The current black electric vehicle ban, which was passed by New York city council last year, states that only black electric and electric-car models with the correct registration numbers can be sold in the city.

The ban also includes an exemption for electric bicycles with a license plate that has a red “L.”

“There is no way we are going back to having the same thing with white and black bikes,” said David Schmeltz, an attorney and activist in New Hampshire who helped organize the petition to put forward the ordinance.

Schmeltl said he believes the black-electric ban is an unnecessary ban that doesn’t protect the public.

He also said it’s difficult to prove that the ban is in the public interest.

“If you’re saying that we need a black electric car, that’s not in the best interest of New Yorkers,” he said.

Schleltz also believes the ban unfairly targets the black community.

“There are a ton of people out there that are going out there and making these purchases,” he explained.

“The black bike community is a big part of that.”

He said he thinks the city could go back to its old ordinance and allow black and white electric vehicles to be used interchangeably, with the exceptions for electric bikes with a plate that says “L” or a license that has no license plate.

The Black Bike Coalition, a group of about 70 black electric bicycle enthusiasts, recently filed a petition on the city council urging the city, city council member David Greenfield, and city council members to vote in favor of the

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