Apple’s new battery has become the subject of a new round of controversy.

Apple announced in July that it was adding new batteries that would replace older lithium ion batteries.

The batteries were manufactured by China’s Huawei, which is owned by Chinese state-owned enterprises.

The new battery, dubbed the A8, is supposed to be lighter than the previous models and will be more efficient.

It will also come with an additional battery pack, which Apple says will save battery life.

The battery is also expected to have higher energy density than previous models.

But the company has said the new batteries have a longer life span than older batteries, and it has said that the batteries have better energy density.

Critics, however, have been quick to criticize Apple for the batteries.

Some have said they won’t be able to use the batteries for long-term storage because they don’t come with a protective casing.

The company has also said the batteries are going to be a “key component” of future iPhones.

In a video, a battery expert claimed the new battery is more energy dense than the current generation, which can handle around 10,000mAh of power.

He also said that a battery with a smaller capacity would have to be “lighter” in order to provide the same range as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Other critics have called for the iPhone 8 to include a cheaper battery.

Many have suggested that the battery should cost less because it would be more economical.

In its FAQ for the A10 Fusion battery, Apple said the A7 and A9 battery pack will be replaced with a “new design with a thinner, lighter and more efficient aluminum core.”

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