Indian company seeks to sell its own chips, but is being challenged by US competitor

INDIERS, Indias semiconductor company has proposed to sell chips made by its own company, and in doing so, is likely to raise some eyebrows in the US.

The proposed deal, which the company said it would submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the next 24 hours, is the latest move by an Indian company to try to fend off the aggressive moves by rival companies in the chip industry.

The proposal to sell the chips is the second time that Indian company AXP, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, has proposed selling chips manufactured by its company, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

AXP has also offered to buy chips made and licensed by its American competitor Broadcom in the past.

But AXP’s bid comes at a time when the US is weighing a new set of regulations on chip manufacturing and related technology, including stricter licensing requirements and tougher enforcement of those rules.

AEPO, which is the company behind the chips, has raised concerns that a US-based competitor could threaten its dominance in the industry by making the chips it manufactures for other companies, the sources said.

In an interview on Bloomberg TV on Wednesday, AXP CEO Sanjeev Kumar said AXP was working with Reliance Technologies to secure a license to make the chips and to sell them.

“We will be looking for a solution, we will be talking to the relevant authorities, we are not planning to go against Reliance or any other competitor,” Kumar said.AXP, which sells chips to consumer electronics makers, semiconductor vendors, and other businesses, has been trying to expand its footprint in the sector, including in the world’s second largest semiconductor market after China.

A XP spokeswoman said the company was “actively seeking a license” to manufacture chips in India.

Earlier this month, Reliance announced that it was acquiring chipmaker Intel for $7.8 billion.

The acquisition, which was announced a day after Reliance’s initial public offering, has created a huge opportunity for AXP to expand into the sector.

AHP, the world leader in the market for chips, last month announced it was buying chips from Broadcom for $17 billion.

While the market in the U.S. for chips has been growing rapidly, its market share has not kept pace.

India is the world leading producer of semiconductor chips and in recent years has made significant advances in the area.

Last year, India was ranked the eighth largest supplier of semiconductors, behind only China, Brazil, South Korea, and Taiwan, according the IHS Markit survey.

Its market share in the first half of 2018 was 5.6 percent, compared with China, South Africa, and the U,S., according to the survey.

The market in India grew by a staggering 4.4 percent, according IHS.

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