When Google acquired Android, a free software platform, a lot of people thought it would be the next big thing in computing.

But the company has been struggling to keep pace with its rivals, like Microsoft and Apple.

Google has been criticized for being too big, too expensive and too slow to catch up.

It’s been working to change that with an ambitious $100 billion investment.

Here are five things to know about Google’s acquisition of Android.1.

Android is going to be free for consumers.

Google is also going to sell some of its services on Google Play.

That means that you can buy a product from Google directly from the Google Store.

It is the biggest deal for Android ever.2.

Google will help develop the next generation of smartwatches.

It already has a partnership with LG that gives Google the chance to develop wearables that use the same Android software.

Google’s Google Glass is being developed by LG.3.

Google may use its own technology to improve search.

Google recently bought the company that builds search engines, DuckDuckGo, which has built up a massive following on the web.

The company also has a tie-up with a Chinese company that helps make Chinese-language search results more user friendly.4.

Google says it will be using its own software to make its search engine smarter.

That’s an important part of the deal, but it’s also not new.

Google already has its own AI engine that can predict what users want to see and how to deliver that.5.

Google said it will give developers access to its huge database of data.

Google also said it would create a “Google cloud” that would allow Google to keep a record of all the services that users use.

Google announced a cloud project earlier this year, but its plan is to let developers keep the data for free.

The data will be shared with the companies that use Google services, including Google Glass, YouTube, and Google Maps.6.

Google hopes to create a Google Maps-like app store.

Google Maps is the main way you can see what cities and places you live in, and it’s used by a lot more people than Google Maps itself.

But Google is aiming to take its app store to the next level, and the first thing it’s doing is adding new categories to the Google Play store.

That way, if you want to download a game from the App Store, you can.7.

Google aims to make the search results of its search suggestions faster.

Google does not plan to make those search suggestions necessarily search-specific.

That makes it easier for developers to make better, personalized search suggestions.8.

Google intends to use artificial intelligence to create search results that users can find in their own time.

That would allow it to help you find what you’re looking for in your favorite movies and music videos.9.

Google wants to use the technology it’s acquired to make more apps that integrate with the internet.

This could mean creating tools that let you browse the web, find things, and make payments online.10.

Google plans to buy some of the other companies it has worked with, including Amazon, Google, and PayPal.

Google bought Amazon because it’s an increasingly important competitor in the search market.

It also acquired PayPal because it is the company’s primary payment processor.

The acquisition will help Google expand its payments business to more people and businesses.

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